• Campeche, waterfront, mexico, rendering, aerial, planning
  • Campeche, waterfront, mexico, rendering, aerial, planning
  • campeche, master plan, mexico, landscape architecture, planning, waterfront, illustrative

Campeche Waterfront

The City of Campeche (“Kam-Peh-Che”) is one of the most picturesque colonial centers in Mexico, but it is still remains largely undiscovered by foreign tourists. EDSA was selected by the leadership of the State of Campeche to assist in an analysis of future development opportunities along the waterfront. More specifically, the primary goal of this study is to generate a development vision for an area known as the Darsena which encompasses about 300 hectares.

EDSA assembled a team of specialists and conducted an on-site “workshop” approach based on the notion that a collaborative vision could be formulated in a shorter amount of time. EDSA’s role was to facilitate the workshop process and to provide urban planning and design expertise.

Campeche, Mexico
Gobierno del Estado de Campeche
Master Planning
300 hectares