• Asia, China, Forte Yixing Golf Resort, Golf, clubhouse, marina, residential, spa
  • Asia, China, Forte Yixing Golf Resort, Golf, clubhouse, marina, residential, spa

Forte Yixing Golf Resort

Forte Yixing Golf Resort is envisioned to be a luxury complex resort area, in the heart of Yixing New Town as the city expands from its original center to the east and connects with historic Taihu Lake. The development program includes two-18 Hole Championship Golf Course and Clubhouse, 135 Ha of golf and water view residential development area, Club-Med Hotel, Hot Spring Resort development facilities, a Private Enterprise Clubhouse, a Branded Therapy Center/Health Care Center, and a Yachting Club and Marina. The combination of golf and waterfront exposure provide this development vision with unmatched amenity advantages in the region.

The resort vision seeks to capture the natural beauty of the Wuxi region and the urban vitality of the surrounding area to create a community that is in harmony with the environment, culture, and history of the site. Vistas to the mountains to the south, and river to the north, along with gentle terrain provide a dynamic opportunity to integrate greenways, golf courses, residential, and commercial uses in an interesting, exciting way to attract both residents and visitors. A central feature of the plan is an interconnected series of streams, wetlands and ponds which will cleanse the waters entering the river while producing a serene environment in tribute to the historic water gardens of Yixing. The overall theme of preserving nature and recognizing its significance was carried out through every aspect of this project visioning.

Yixing, Jiangsu, China
Kunshan Kangsheng Investment Development Co., Ltd.
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