• Khedives Cairo, Sustainability

Khedive’s Cairo

The ‘Revitalization and Upgrading of the Central Zone of Khedive’s Cairo’ was an invitation- only international design competition in which EDSA was asked to participate. The goal of the competition was to generate design solutions that would stimulate tourism, encourage urban revitalization and transform the downtown zone into a more pedestrian-friendly environment.

In order to promote more international visitors to Khedive’s Cairo, EDSA focused on developing strategies to improve both vehicular and pedestrian circulation in the area. Extensive vehicular regulations were proposed to help alleviate traffic congestion, while pedestrian-only areas were designated to encourage the creation of car-free environments.

In the course of three months, EDSA performed an in-depth analysis of the area, identifying important opportunities for urban renewal. Design proposals included tunnelling major vehicular routes, improving the streetscape, strengthening pedestrian connections and creating outdoor entertainment destinations for visitors and residents.

Cairo, Egypt
General Organization for Physical Planning
Master Planning
54 Hectares