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King Bay Boao

EDSA was approached to help transform an existing coastal forest windbreak into an amenity feature for a new 170 hectare mixed-use/residential development. Envisioned as a community centered around health and well-being, EDSA completed a series of programming studies to size, locate and relate various public and private amenities including beach clubs, primary and secondary beach access points, amenity walking trail systems, day camping areas, forest overlook and nature learning structures, community gathering spaces, plazas and a new marina. A kilometer-long hardscape connection spine was proposed between the community and forest area interface to help filter and direct visitors from the community to various portal crossings connecting key amenity areas. A system of prototypical portal spaces allowed for flexibility in locating various amenity portal areas along the linear connection spine and allowed the Developer ultimate flexibility in accommodating future changes that may impact the masterplan while building-out the community. EDSA was tasked with protecting as much of the existing forest vegetation as possible within the windbreak while also opening up key views from the existing sales center and hotel areas. The final concept plan included primarily public amenity areas featuring a central public beach club area. A private area was located at the north end of the project, anchoring the exclusive resort hotel complex and featuring a private beach club and private marina area.

Hainan Island, China
WHJ International PTE LTD
Detailed Design
170 Hectares