• Asia, China, Hotel, Konka Zhouzhuang Jishui, commercial
  • Asia, China, Hotel, Konka Zhouzhuang Jishui, commercial

Moon River

The Moon River project is located in the Jiangsu Province just outside of the old town of Kunshan Zhouzhuang, a well know Chinese traditional water-town. This 36.6 hectare resort includes a 5-star hotel, waterfront bungalows, commercial center, a mix of residential products and a museum designed by Kengo Kuma. This unique site offers waterfront views and amenities from both a five hectare on site lake and the adjacent Jishui River.
Building upon the region’s water-town culture, EDSA developed a landscape master plan to establish a vision and character for the resort complex that would complement this unique cultural region while maximizing the site’s program and development opportunities. EDSA’s landscape master plan emphasizes the cohesive context of the overall site and integrates the buildings with this dramatic water front environment.

EDSA is currently developing the detailed landscape architectural design drawings for various phases of the project and on site construction for the initial phases is ongoing.

Jiangsu Province, China
Kunshan Kangsheng Investment Development Co., Ltd.
Master Planning
36.6 Hectares