• Sea Flower Island, EDSA, master planning
  • Sea Flower Island, EDSA, master planning
  • Sea Flower Island, EDSA, master planning

Sea Flower Island

The highly desirable destination consists of interwoven tourism, residential, entertainment and recreational offerings that are unified in a “gardens of the sea” vision. Activity centers, architectural landmarks, cohesive detailing and public spaces reinforce the visitor experience. The design motif conveys the perceived emergence of emerald waves from the landscape, creating dynamic curving forms which visually enhance pedestrian engagement and serve as a connective element. Providing an intriguing contrast to island’s urban grid, uninterrupted green bridges link the central core with outer parcels to create a comprehensive public realm network of formal parks and plazas, natural open spaces, sustainable green environments, streetscapes and gateways Swhich blend the built and natural environment.

EDSA was responsible for land use planning of the central active core which is comprised of landmark hotels, plazas, a tourist tower, sports fields, shopping, gardens, parks and an amphitheater. The conceptual landscape master plan refines vehicular, pedestrian and water based circulation systems to provide logical movement patterns and maximize walkability.

Baima, Hainan Province, China
Evergrande Group
Master Planning
381 Hectares