• South Pointe Park, Fountain Plaza, Remediation, Detailed Design, Miami Beach

South Pointe Park Fountain Plaza Remediation

An important pedestrian thoroughfare, the entry statement blends beautifully within the prevailing green network and capitalizes on stunning axial views of the waterfront and scenic background. Creating a sense of place, four infinity edge water centerpieces captivate the eye and effectively anchor respite garden rooms for social interaction. The energy and excitement of the rehabilitated space offers a cooling oasis where existing water cannons have been artfully re-purposed as misting stations in compliment to the shaded palm canopy.

EDSA helped redefine the visual language of the fountain plaza with a transformative design that echoes, yet revitalizes the original design intent for the park and offers residents and visitors a much needed urban oasis.

Miami Beach, Florida
City of Miami Beach
Detailed Design
Construction Administration
14,000 square feet