EDSA, Associate Principal, designer, landscape architect

Marc A. Hall, PLA, ASLA, Associate Principal

Marc Hall addresses real-world needs with state of the art planning practices related to suburban growth and regional planning. He has a strong sense for pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use neighborhoods that address diversity in use and user, remain human scaled and are environmentally sustainable. Marc has helped shape a wide range of nationally significant projects providing site analysis and design insight pertaining to land use programming for resorts, residential communities and urban revitalization concerns along with commercial and entertainment properties. His work illustrates typological versatility and an ability to elevate the standards of landscape architectural design.

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Michigan State University. Joined EDSA in 1990.

“The most important aspect of design is the willingness to stop and look at things that no one else has bothered to see. This simple process of focusing on people, places, nature and objects, that are normally taken for granted, is a powerful source of creativity.”

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