Studio Linquist


Brandon Huffman
Derick Cissel
Jeong Yoon Park
Mengtian Zhang
Yixi Shen


Service is priority number one in the Linquist Studio, where exemplary relationships are forged and landmark projects are built. Their successes can only be attributed to each member’s personal commitment to providing clients with passionate, creative and experience-driven solutions from the kick-off meeting to ribbon cutting.

Each and every project in the studio receives the highest level of creativity and attention. All our projects are custom – tailored to their site, culture, program and budget. We are constantly striving to craft design solutions that make “great places” while keeping our clients desire for return on investment as a centerpiece of our approach.” – Ed Linquist, Principal

Filled with electric personality, the studio environment in Orlando is the ultimate creative playground for landscape architects. Each member contributes to this dynamic setting with their unique perspective, experience and innovative way of thinking. In 2013, the Linquist Studio will continue to build upon their emergent international experience as well as expanding their local presence within Orlando’s ever-developing hospitality market.