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Studio Gray


Ayanna Stephens
Carson Lindley
James Calitri
John Torti
Masa Taguchi
Mihaela Zaharescu
Norma Oder
Seth King


Listening, laughing and learning represent the expressive cornerstones of the Gray Studio. This close knit team is personally invested in meaningful and purposeful assignments that energize local economies and create environments that residents and communities are proud of. Their diverse skill set allows for explorative insights when overcoming challenges and a pragmatic realism to project design. Nothing is ever off the table, healthy debate is encouraged, respect is a given, and teamwork is key to delivering the best alternatives. Augmented by a number of cultural, hospitality and urban projects, the Studio has a strong focus on master planning, design and programming for collegiate clients. Their more than 20 year relationship with Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida is a testament to the strong ties the team creates with clients.

We are of the belief that design is a living breathing process and not representative of a finite period in time. Our plans must remain realistic and flexible, metamorphosing to changing demands and preferences. We design the best for where we are now, knowing that every project can be spectacular." – Kona A. Gray, Principal.

Focused on blazing new trails, the Studio has a unique passion to expand EDSA’s presence in the Caribbean and Africa – concentrating on the role design plays in developing and addressing consumer expectations.