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Studio Jaguan


Astrid Hoffmann
John Allyn
Ryota Iwai
Séfora Chavarria


As a diverse, global team the Jaguan Studio is comprised of designers from the US, Latin America and Japan, affording clients a unique advantage through their culturally-relative experiences. With a collective creative thirst for understanding the big picture in order to craft linkages between built, natural and living environments, studio members look beyond distinct, contained elements to design spaces that are harmonious with landscape patterns and village settings.

Our enthusiasm and passion is contagious when we first gather to discuss a new project vision and begin the process of conceptualizing; where every individual’s perspective contributes to a signature style and design specific for that development program.” – Jose Jaguan, Principal

The Jaguan team has honed an expertise, particularly in resort planning with designs that are innovative and contextural to a project’s location. Whether working on a Four Seasons Resort in Brazil or Turkey, or a community development in Mexico, their design philosophy is to treat each project with exclusivity by drawing upon a country’s particular history, art and culture. With impending projects in Eastern Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America, the Jaguan team’s truism is to utilize their boutique approach to expand into new markets and grow their talents. This coupled with a well-balanced use of new technologies and hand graphics, the studio will continue to intuitively translate the largest of forms to the most human-scale environments.