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Studio LaMont


Betsy Suiter
Daniel Bulemore
Lei Xiao
Michael Gehart
Amanda Huang
Michael Kulik
Tingran Liu


The LaMont Studio is extremely innovative, embracing new technology and continuously searching for pioneering techniques to improve efficiencies in their planning and design deliverables. The team possesses a good mix of having the will to learn and the will to teach, sharing lessons learned but also learning from others in order to craft more impactful design solutions.

What’s always impressed me about our group, is that everyone will jump in behind a concentrated effort, successfully leveraging each person’s assets and talents to make things fluid and meet a client’s deadline.” - Scott LaMont, Principal.

Expansion into China and Southeast Asia was a major turning point for the LaMont Studio – forever changing the depth of their design style. Broad based efforts have pressed the team to step outside of their comfort zone and think at a higher level in terms of what they are creating and its cultural and economic impact on the region.

Their fundamental strategy is to move beyond just doing great work. They genuinely care about building relationships and helping clients become successful – educating themselves along the way on the importance of landscape architecture and the preservation of environmental and social equities. The team is confident and eager to face new challenges in unchartered waters.