Edsa, Larrea Studio

Studio Larrea


Gabriela Patocchi
Ivan Donoso
Joanna Ibarra
Juan Gabriel Rosillo Hernandez
Michael Meyers
Robert Jackson


The Larrea Studio places priority on pre-charrette planning and research when approaching a new assignment. With the site’s potential at the foreground, their high level brainstorming results in a preliminary vision that addresses development opportunities, supports market and cultural trends, and remains sympathetic to the client’s goal. It’s a forum in which they rebound notions, listen, participate and think about what the project could become.

This effective method has facilitated their continued collaboration with hotel developers, specifically in emerging Latin American markets. The tight knit team is currently involved in AM Resorts’ Dreams and the introduction of their Breathless brand, as well as the new Hyatt Andaz, only the third property of its kind for Hyatt. Geared toward a younger demographic, the Larrea design team can realistically position themselves as the intended guest and design effectively for this barefoot luxury market.

Influenced by the regions in which they work, this culturally-diverse studio possesses a spirit of unity that is about creating holistic, artistic designs that connect to the vibrant end-users for which they are developed. These same characteristics permeate their daily actions; forming friendships and a deep professional respect for one another.

I am amazed at our continuous state of learning and the skills, talents, contributions and knowledge of the team. Everyone in the studio has repositioned their thought process to design in such a way that is beneficial and meaningful to the visitors of the spaces we create.” - Marco Larrea, Principal.