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Studio Smith


Chungling Wu
Joshua Bauman
Tyler Wallace


With a recent expansion of domestic assignments to complement their international portfolio, the Smith Studio is poised for continued growth. As advocates of healthy lifestyle living, the team thinks, practices and emanates sustainability. By sharing experiences and insights, the multi-talented, multi-tasking designers look critically at concepts to ensure plans are based on pragmatism when determining a framework for the best ideas. Their collaborative environment fosters a philosophy driven by a continuous quest for learning and strength in always seeking opportunities to do something better. At the root of their ambition is creativity and an ability to shape spaces that positively change and forever touch people’s lives. By concentrating on the thoughtful and meaningful design, each individual’s unique contribution is represented in everything they execute and implement.

The breadth of what we do is a source of personal pride. We orchestrate community change, both social and environmental, while balancing very real concerns of cost, livability and aesthetics. By staying engaged in the world around us, understanding how demand is evolving and the interconnectedness of our role as land planners and designers, we are positively influencing daily life.” – Doug Smith, Principal

In addition to ongoing assignments in Florida and Texas, the Smith Studio is also working in Montenegro, Mexico and Egypt with an emphasis on stewardship, human connectivity and more robust green spaces. The diverse team continues to evolve by stepping into different roles that require critical thinking, design insights and a dynamic approach to our changing world.