Studio Sutton


Andrew Schmidt
Devon King
Emmanuel Moran Velez
Hang S. Masterson
Jessica Smith


With a record of high quality design work coupled with solid construction experience, the Sutton Studio knows what it takes to get projects built in diverse geographic regions, varying terrains and across project types. Direct experience allows them to be responsible and realistic while pressing creativity in the front-end design process. Their studio motto is to nurture client relationships, never step down from a design challenge and continue to be passionate and open-minded when approaching new work. They are skilled at absorbing a client’s idea and exemplifying, expanding and altering it to create an implementable, design vision that reaches beyond client expectations.

We thrive on brainstorming for new ideas and discovering creative alternatives whether for a small conceptual urban park effort in Puerto Rico, an expat village in Riyadh, a historic hotel project in Miami Beach or ecolodges on the island of Dominica. Our team’s talent and experience afford us the ability to take advantage of opportunities provided from our diverse clients.” – Gregg R. Sutton, Principal

The fun, friendly people that comprise the Sutton Studio are more than just designers. Their active artistry reaches beyond the confines of their office space with hobbies, interests and talents as photographers, musicians, motorcycle enthusiasts and life-long soccer players.