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Indura Beach and Golf Resort

Indura Beach and Golf Resort is located along the Caribbean coast of Honduras, in Bahia de Tela, a site of immense natural beauty and rich cultural history. Planned with the utmost care to both guard and protect, it will absorb and articulate the heritage of the area while providing a catalyst for tourism growth for the whole country. Architectural styles, structural footprints, and design processes were all undertaken in such a way to cause as little disturbance to the native landscape while also accurately reflecting the local fabric. The architecture for all of the structures remains true to the region’s history and has little impact on the site. The nearby Garifuna community of Miami is the only one that to this day is still completely built of thatched huts. Indura replicates this building style along with the addition of stilts to its buildings allowing for zero disturbance in natural animal migration patterns as well as assisting with irrigation, drainage and air flow. Elevated roads permit wildlife passage without danger from vehicular traffic. The resort will integrate a Gary Player golf course, residences and a 5-star boutique hotel.

Bahia de Tela, Honduras
DTBT - Desarrollo Turístico Bahía de Tela
Master Planning
Detailed Design
303.51 Hectares