Edward D. Stone, Jr. establishes EDSA in South Florida.


Through design of the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, EDSA successfully creates a powerful civic statement and forum for cultural events. With a stately entrance, raised planters and pools that define a formal plaza, marble terraces overlooking the Potomac, and a promenade with islands of willows accented by fountains, this iconic facility is one of national prominence.


EDSA begins work on the Museo de Arte as a repository for local, regional and international works of art. Created to serve the public through acquisition, conservation, study and exhibition, the museum is the only one in Puerto Rico accredited by the American Association of Museums.


Ed Stone overcomes industry challenges by establishing landscape architects on equal stature with allied professions and redefines the role of landscape architects as master planners of large-scale developments and as team leaders.


EDSA‘s design of the PepsiCo World Headquarters changes the persona of the corporate campus by nestling a major building complex into a landscape of great natural beauty. In its execution, EDSA blends formal courtyards, informal meadows and an outdoor sculpture museum.