Baltimore Studio, Centolella, Edsa

Studio Centolella


Ariana Muca
Conway Bristow
Craig Stoner
James Palmer
Lianying Wang
Lu Zhou
Xinyi Zhang


The Centolella Studio dynamics encourage critical thinking from all participants, elevating the quality of ideas in their design process. They all contribute to the visioning of every project, actively engage in fostering new client relationships and remain extremely involved in their community with all members participating in civic associations, charitable organizations and local outreach initiatives.

With a diversified client base, the Studio’s current assignments include resort destinations, urban revitalization and residential communities throughout the US, the Caribbean, Brazil, Europe, the Middle East and China. Given these distinct locations, unique client goals and a diverse framework of cultural and historical attributes, the team has a steadfast, forward-thinking ability
to design functional, realistic and engaging projects.

Although we are heavily involved in Asia, and it will continue to be a strong point, we can’t lose focus for new opportunities. With our creative confidence, project realization, varied individual capabilities and geographic diversity, there is no doubt in my mind that the firm, our branch office and every EDSA employee will experience growth and success.” - Richard D. Centolella, Principal.

Along with domestic expansion plans, the Middle East and Brazil remain high priority markets for EDSA Baltimore with a few active resort assignments and several prospective leads – making both viable and exciting regions for expansion.