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Studio Behling


Ashley Schwemmer
Catalina Facundo
Christian Feneck
Haley Wolfe
Laura Reyes Romero
Mykhailo Ponomarenko
Parker Ruskamp
Xi Wang


Aggressive and progressive best define the Behling Studio. This talented group of designers has a creative chemistry that allows them to work fluidly and seamlessly with a confidence to move projects forward. They begin each assignment with an imagination workshop where all ideas are viable, free form designs are welcome and discovery is the result of a series of pen strokes. This creative flexibility and removal of design boundaries enables the team to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities and implications of a project resulting in an organically developed program.

For me, it’s about giving people opportunities to go places and do things. Each person must develop a personal reference bank that they can draw upon for cultural and social inspiration. It’s only through continuous learning, that designers can better understand how experiences add to place.” - Bob Behling, FASLA, Principal

With current projects in eight different countries, the Behling Studio is credited for establishing long-term relationships with clients that trust them unequivocally. These connections are attributed to their extreme responsiveness, taking client deadlines seriously and an unmatched quality of deliverables. Their energy and creativity has sparked numerous referrals, bringing to their repertoire projects such as the soon to be built Four Seasons in Dubai and in Bahrain, and the Dubai Opera House, as well as recurring involvement with the Atlantis brand in Paradise Island, Dubai and most recently the Hainan Resort in China.