Thus far, 2020 has certainly been a year of change. From a new normal that requires face masks and social distancing, to the renewal of powerful movements in pursuit of equity, diversity and inclusivity – there is no doubt that the world is progressing towards a future that is very different from where we are today.

As we, at EDSA, have been navigating the current events of the first half of this year, our entire team finds itself reflecting on what makes up our corporate DNA. We are asking ourselves and each other how can we be better, do better and evolve as individuals and as an organization.

The answers have repeatedly come back to the core values instilled and set forth by our founder Ed Stone Jr. – ideals like understanding, listening, responsibility, accountability, treating others as you would want to be treated and the power of relationships. These concepts resonate more deeply than ever. Now is the time for us to be persistent in exercising camaraderie, compassion and open-mindedness in contributing to a greater purpose.



Humbled by this inward look, we have recommitted to a meaningful progression in how we operate as individuals. Diversity, equity, inclusion and community outreach have always been embraced at EDSA through efforts like the EDSA Minority Scholarship, various human resources initiatives and our pro-bono project work. Going forward, we will build on this foundation by developing a strategy and stepping forward with actions that amplify our impact, long-term.

We are encouraging frank conversations with internal open forums – designed to provide a safe place for employees to express thoughts, values and beliefs. Our team is willingly sharing ideas and resources on how we can all take action towards a more equitable, inclusive and collaborative community. We welcome all suggestions, criticism and insights, but most importantly, we’re listening to better understand how multiple perspectives positively influence the conversation. Working together, we hope to be catalysts for change.




While efforts have begun, we recognize the process will be ongoing and ever-evolving. We also know that by taking this journey together, we can make positive transformations in professional diversity, community education and outreach – and for the places and people we bring together through our work.

From our global experiences, we know that diversity makes us more creative, more informed and more understanding. We pledge to remain proactive in learning and growing as a firm – listening, educating, training, supporting and volunteering. We invite you to join us in making a positive impact on the world around us. We hope you will be part of our pursuit – modelling kindness towards others and taking action.