Creating a Memorable First Impression

Psychologists say it takes about 7 seconds to make a first impression. First impressions are now widely recognized as the beginning of important design conversations, making the arrival spaces the introduction. What is visually stated in the first few moments, sets the tone for all that follows with the aim of building positive and enduring Read More

It Takes Talent to Create, It Takes Discipline to Design

Special places create memories for people and when properly conceived, such spaces become true extensions of the individuals who live, work, learn, and play in those environments. It is EDSA’s ability to deliver on this deeper purpose of transforming outdoor environments into platforms for experiences that has earned us our reputation for design excellence. Within Read More

Ahead of the Current

The world’s 222,000 miles of coastlines are both picturesque and economically vital to many great cities. Beautiful beaches … fog rolling in across harbors… waves gently brushing the shores… all hallmarks of the delicate intersection of land and water. Coastlines experience subtle changes as part of a natural evolution. Breakers gnaw at cliffs, sand shifts, Read More

The Skinny on Street Diets

The history of modern day roadway design is a testament to human enginuity. Whether country lanes, neighborhood streets, urban boulevards, or prototypical freeways, roads are part of an innovation legacy for continuous improvement in advancing physical and social connectivity. However, too much of a good thing is not always good. The concept of complete streets Read More

Performance-Based Design

An ‘environmental awakening’ and growing awareness of sustainable and green design practices has made us all more cognizant of consumption behaviors, resource allocation, climate change, ecological degradation, and rapid urbanization. To fully understand, design, and construct responsible development, an artful and scientifically balanced approach must occur. In this vein, EDSA’s performance-based methodology helps generate responsible Read More

Nature Inspired

Humankind has instinctively turned to nature for problem solving inspiration and with 3.8-billion years of R&D, there is much to be learned. From buildings and bridges to materials and medicine, examining and mimicking the beautiful, complex and, intricate designs of Mother Nature has enhanced almost every aspect of our daily lives. In application, this design Read More

Play – a 4-Letter Word?

For decades, environmental educators and conservationists have worked to connect children with nature. These efforts are more important than ever as the current era of digital entertainment, virtual modes of learning, and parental security concerns have effectively detached children from outdoor play. And, while teenagers have a greater awareness of global environmental threats, their physical Read More


The relationship between people and technology is transforming the way we experience the world and it is happening at warp speed. From tablets, smartphones, Wi-Fi, and cloud computing to AutoCAD, parametric design, and 3D printers, there is no escaping our ever-increasing interactions with technology. The design industry is specifically focused on how digital mediums are Read More

Design RX

Most people agree that eating nutritious foods, exercising regularly, and effectively coping with stress are actions beneficial to the body and mind. But, not everyone realizes that there are also positive links between the health of the environment that we interact with and our physical and mental well-being. In the United States, life expectancy has Read More

Culturally-Celebrated Design

Since the inception of the field of anthropology, scholars have debated a definition for the word "culture" with a great number of diverging rationalizations. Some argue that the concept of culture is vague and the real driver is instead context. Whether one makes the semantic choice of culture or context, we know that today’s consumers Read More