NOW TRENDING: 2019 EDITION The prospect of change is inevitable. And while that may seem daunting to some, the capacity to discover new things and form new insights can be enlightening. For us at EDSA, this exchange allows for new research and predictions to inform our business model and the way we develop creative solutions. Read More

A Park for All Just 10 Minutes from Home

As the global population continues to gravitate to an urbanized world, the value of open space in metropolitan areas continues to grow. An important catalyst for economic development and a stimulus for breathing life into neighborhoods, the most cherished form of public infrastructure is green spaces – serving as open-air living rooms and outdoor leisure Read More

How Long Are You Staying? – Vacation Trends

The hospitality industry is in a constant state of evolution as people seek new and exciting places to visit. Diversity and accessibility in the travel market resulted in previous niches become the norm, and hard-to-reach places, reachable. With vacation planning season right around the corner, it seems only natural that we share some hospitality trends Read More

Out of the Fast Lane

Once considered science-fiction, driverless cars are now motoring toward reality. Beginning with automatic safety features such as collision-avoidance braking and blind-spot alerts to robotic conveniences that include parallel parking assistance, technology is rapidly replacing hands-on functionality. The fact that BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Google, and General Motors are all investing in self-driving technologies and prototypes, that Read More

Alternative Amenities

In real estate developments across the globe, the definition of “amenities” is changing. No longer solely defined as activities and lifestyle features, amenities now encompass all elements that serve to enhance a location’s sense of place, organize its style, and add value through enrichment of experience. For several decades, golf has been used as an Read More