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Predicated on protection, preservation, and enhancement of environmental resources, this master plan is grounded in a philosophy of doing what the land calls out to do first. Enhancing existing swales, wetlands, and the natural floodplain, water serves as a defining feature for the project.

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A network of physical and visual connections unites the nearly 1,200 diverse home offerings with multi-generational amenities, schools, a town center, an 80-acre district park, and 13-mile multi-modal trail systems. Indigenous foliage was used throughout the community and 1,200 acres of the Pasco County wilderness was preserved and left untouched.

EDSA set forth logical development patterns in terms of walkability, connectivity, circulation, block structure, green space, and buildable areas in establishing a diverse community fabric.

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Master Plan

Anticipating neighborhood centers and pedestrian-friendly amenities, the design has an intentional hierarchy in street design and scale combined with varied lot sizes and setbacks to maximize walkability and quality open space. The community amenity core serves as an anchor of connectivity for the two large land parcels and ties a central trail to surrounding neighborhoods.

Project Details

    • Location Land O’Lakes, Florida
    • Client Newland Communities
    • Scope Master Planning
      Detailed Design Services
    • Scale 1,700 Acres