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Whether designing a courtyard five stories up or a patio in someone’s back yard, the qualities and attributes that build the foundation of a functional, inspiring outdoor space always remain.

Yvonne Maher PLA

Vice President

Inspired by elements of the natural world, Yvonne has turned her love for flora and fauna into a devoted career focused on sustainability and enhancing the native land. With over twelve years of experience, she brings to the team a unique macro/micro perspective that closely examines each design decision and how they impact the environment and the end user for the short and long term. Yvonne believes that each project should receive the highest level of detail, regardless of scope or scale, while her technical approach and knowledge of biophilic design principles have led her to manage a successful portfolio that spans both public and private sectors. Before joining EDSA, she served as the Manager of Landscape Architecture at JDavis.

  • Education: Master of Landscape Architecture, North Carolina State University; Bachelor of Journalism, Virginia Tech
  • Associations: American Society of Landscape Architects
  • Location: Raleigh