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Celebrating Recent Promotions

When Edward D. Stone Jr. launched EDSA in 1960, he envisioned a unique corporate culture that recognizes the voice of every employee. This inclusive and collective of innovative-minded peers continues to evolve with the recent promotion of nine distinguished individuals who have contributed to the firm’s growth, design expertise and global positioning as an industry leader.

Jeff Sugar

01. Jeff Sugar


With more than 25 years of experience, the firm has promoted Jeff Sugar to Principal and leader of the Themed Entertainment Studio. Safeguarding the creative integrity of a project, Jeff creates cohesive and viable storylines that enhance the overall guest experience with immersive touchpoints that bring characters, forms and landscapes to life. Blending imagination, design and technology, Jeff has worked on assignments with Universal Creative, SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, Walt Disney World and Saudi Arabia’s Qiddiya and NEOM.

In addition to Jeff, eight other esteemed individuals were recently promoted.


02. Brian Vazquez

Senior Associate

Brian possesses strong leadership and creative skills in crafting design solutions that integrate people and place into the fabric of communities. Detail driven, he executes his work with pure dedication and adeptly applies human-centric planning principles for welcoming outcomes. Currently, Brian is managing construction administration on the Wildflower and Silver Palm parks in Boca Raton.

04. Zhong Tian

Senior Associate

Zhong gracefully combines computer iterations with hand graphics to artistically communicate visionary and functional concepts. His approach encourages the thoughtful use of form and design detailing while respecting a site’s unique context. Highly regarded by clients for his knowledge, sensibilities and project management, Zhong has been instrumental in the design of the Nantong Hilton, Yangzhou Hilton Curio, Shanghai Wintastar and Suzhou Bay.

03. Carlos De La Osa

Systems Engineer

Carlos brings a quiet confidence and technical competency in delivering critical infrastructure to EDSA’s business operations. Ensuring the highest levels of availability, performance and security, he has implemented new systems, application software and project management tools that leverage technologies across the project delivery continuum. His commitment to continuous learning is paramount in an industry that experiences rapid change at a rapid pace.

05. Cyrus Khan


Motivated by a narrative derived from various cultures and experiences, Cyrus has a technical prowess and design expertise that cultivates outdoor spaces rich in nature. Well-versed in Rhino, Grasshopper, Lumion, CAD and Civil, he illustrates strong concepts that are smart and pioneering. Cyrus works diligently to ensure that everyone around him has a positive experience and contributes to every conversation with a contagious energy and enthusiasm.


06. Joe Snouffer


Combining his passion for design and love of nature, Joe creates spaces rooted in larger themes of history, culture and place. Experienced in all phases of design, his ability to visualize end-users’ perspectives serves as the foundational knowledge to teach, mentor and guide others. As project manager, Joe balances a strong design aesthetic with a business acumen for contract management, project feasibility and profitability.

08. Shutao Gong


A rendering master, Shutao possesses great presentation, communication and technical drawing skills. He has a keen eye for modeling and parameters as he analyzes large scale sites and pinpoints differentiating details. A welcoming collaborator, Shutao always lends a helping hand in design work as well as technological or administrative tasks.

07. Lisa Wang


With great attention to detail and strength in project management, Lisa brings unique experiences and perspectives to the Shanghai and US-based China team. Self-disciplined, dedicated and trustworthy, she seamlessly communications with clients at the conceptual design phase through construction observation.

09. Yangzhong Li


Yangzhong has a strong background in Rhino which he effectively uses to create sophisticated 3D formations. Determined, organized and knowledgeable, he continues to sharpen his skills and learn new aspects of design. Yanzhong recently had the opportunity to independently manage the Taikang Nanjing Suyuan project and his growth was exponential throughout the assignment.