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A Collective Experience

As designers, we tackle every project and challenge through a creative lens. Together, we create transformative places that celebrate the human experience, honor cultural stories and respond to the needs of an ever-changing environment.

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With the human experience at the forefront, we are stewarding the earth and designing from a sense of perspective. We blend passion with knowledge, art with science and heart with mind – continuously leaning into these dichotomies, as brilliance and beauty sit where they collide.

True brilliance is not the result of one transcendent event, but the collaboration of an incredible group of individuals working in tandem.


Through our six decades of practice, we have had the luxury of being involved in some of the most transpiring projects and are better designers because of it. With expertise across multiple industries and geographies, the power of the firm’s portfolio, talent, expertise and influence as a global design leader are leveraged to deliver the best projects to our clients and users of the world’s landscapes.

The Team

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Origins of an Icon

Edward D. Stone Jr. established EDSA in 1960 and immediately began to redefine the role of landscape architects as design leaders.

Core Values

Our team is driven
by the ability to
make a difference.

Our internal attributes are a reminder for our team to continue pushing the boundaries, holding ourselves accountable and maintaining a positive work environment where ideas, design – and our people flourish.

  • 01Design without limits.Down

    On every project, every time, no exceptions. Dream big and make it happen.

  • 02Embrace your greater purpose. Down

    Positively influence lives. Leave our mark and do it responsibly – on society, in our community and around the globe.

  • 03Be happy. Down

    Smile! Create fun and bring laughter to the workplace. Don’t take ourselves too seriously.

  • 04Leverage our collective brilliance. Down

    Collaborate, cooperate and inspire others every day with action. Work as a team to craft bold ideas and trust each other.

  • 05Become an absorbent observer. Down

    Get involved and be interested. Look everywhere for inspiration. Find a mentor and be a mentor. Never stop learning.

  • 06Dedicate yourself to success. Down

    Aim high. Create opportunities. Engage in our business. Recognize our accomplishments and celebrate them with excitement.

  • 07Let different be the new normal. Down

    Be unique with our thoughts, actions and designs. Champion our ideas. Embrace our diversity.

  • 08Stand proud, stand tall. Down

    Lead by example. Give respect to earn respect, from small gestures to big ideas. Be responsible enough to step in and humble enough to step back.

  • 09Talk with me. Down

    Listen with curiosity and the intent to learn. Speak clearly, concisely and honestly. Invite feedback frequently. After all, two monologues don’t make a dialogue.

  • 10Live the legacy, remember the legend.Down

    Inspire like Ed. Contribute to our lasting story with amazing designs, great client relationships and remarkable talent. Be kind, thankful, respectful and sincere. And remember, the time is always right to do the right thing.

Social Responsibility

EDSA Impact

At EDSA, we ensure diversity starts from within.

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