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Visionary Designers

While everyone follows a different path to inspiration, the process by which we generate ideas and design strategies remains consistent. At the heart of our creativity is connection – the ability to make connections – between ideas, people and places that before seemed unrelated. It is this blending and melding of functionality and discovery that results in action-forward designs that are ecological, socially and culturally just.


Merging the gap between imagination, science and technology, EDSA designers bring a deep rational and intuitive understanding to our work and the artistry of design. With an eye toward holistic development and an aesthetic cognizance, our creative adaptability balances the importance of both human emotion and virtual innovation to effectively create meaningful designs that stand the test of time.

We graciously accept our role as stewards of the land with the full creativity, integrity and commitment of our entire worldwide team.


Our passion is showcased in our implemented works – w­­­here origination in thought and practice lead to more unique, efficient and intelligent design outcomes. So, while we believe in leveraging technology as a differentiator, it is always supported by valuing client relationships, understanding the site, being prepared and creating the most intuitive design.

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Landscape Architecture
& Urban Design

By narrowing our focus, we bring better insights, a greater variety of educated alternatives and an intrinsic value to how land is utilized. Through a collaborative lens, our design approach supports our belief in doing the right thing – for our earth, our clients and for society. This means understanding the unique parameters of every site as it relates to development intent – stressing the importance of valuable data, research, multi-disciplinary analysis and coordination coupled with design innovation and sound implementation strategies.

  • Visioning + Planning ServicesDown

    We begin with a framework by which to evaluate ideas and set a course for purposeful and informed design decisions. Our team leadership efforts entail:

    • Data Collection
    • Site Analysis
    • Opportunity and Feasibility Assessment
    • Blue Sky Visioning
    • Storyline Development
    • Master Plans
    • Land Use Plans
    • Regional Planning
    • Entitlements
    • Development Guidelines and Strategies
  • Urban Design ServicesDown

    Intimately involved in the revitalization of cities, our specialized skill set establishes a hierarchy of public spaces that connect people and places, urban form and movement, nature and the built environment. We are focused on achieving commercial vitality and city livability through:

    • Consensus Building Efforts
    • Downtown Planning
    • Open Space Design
    • Pedestrian and Green Zone Development
    • Streetscape Improvements
    • Waterfront Revitalization
    • Historic / Community Preservation
  • Landscape Architecture ServicesDown

    Balancing social, economic and environmental benefits, our designs capture the spirit and culture of each locale, providing a foundation for memorable experiences. Addressing all aspects of a site, our services include:

    • Concept Design
    • Schematic Design
    • Design Development
    • Planting Design
    • Construction / Tender Documents
    • Permitting
    • Zoning
    • Bidding Assistance
    • Construction Observation / Administration
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Begin With the End In Mind

Before we ever lay pen to paper or hands to a computer, we consider what the result should be – working closely with every client to celebrate their vision with creative plans and captivating designs.

A cornerstone of EDSA’s approach is understanding that design is not a finite set of tasks. Rather, a dynamic process of discovery, where each step forms the basis for the next. As such we employ the latest in technology to not only see the big picture but the right picture in how a design needs to evolve.

The resulting aesthetic from which ideas flourish creates a unique common point among what the client is passionate about, what is beneficial to the site and what enhances the user experience.

  • Opportunity Assessment & StrategyDown

    Through observation, data collection and analysis, our approach often begins with a design charrette – an energized creative workshop that jumpstarts a project and builds momentum. During this phase, we become fully acquainted with the site – its physical, social and cultural being – absorbing all clues reflective in its physical aesthetics, as well as building an intuitive sense for what belongs. We explore goals and the desired future state of a real estate development while assessing feasibility and collaborating with other disciplines to define a vision and generate initial concepts.

  • Visioning & IdeationDown

    With a solid foundation and analysis of existing conditions, we begin the ideation process free of semantics. We let go of judgements and allow limitless ideas – brilliant, mediocre or outrageous to flow through our minds and explore all that is possible. This stage considers every potential avenue of a project design before filtering them by logic. In the end, some ideas are not going to be viable, but others will be astonishing.

  • Creating & RefiningDown

    Team members evaluate alternatives and further synthesize concepts into a creative and economically sound design. In actualizing a concept, we keep the ‘big idea’ relevant as a standard of measure while addressing how it will be executed. Visualizing the development at implementation, we continually ask ourselves, ‘why would someone come here?’ and allow that context to influence our design.

  • Production & ImplementationDown

    Our goal in all efforts, is to have visitors, residents or guests understand the narrative of a space with detailing that adds context to their life stories. As such, our original design solutions exude vibrancy while meeting international standards and exceeding expectations in design practice. We design with constructability in mind – because great design is only great if it is functional and implementable.