Dubbed the year of great reset by the Urban Land Institute, 2024 will move beyond buzz topics like the ‘new normal’ and transition to upcoming market moves, technological advancements and changes in consumer behaviors as cues of a progressing world. With societal habits following suit, people are shifting their actions and attitudes from reactive to more proactive. That said, here’s what we’re taking note of in the year to come.

©EDSA | Insights | Now Trending, 2024 Edition | Upcycling Nostalgia
Upcycling Nostalgia

What do thrift shops and hospitality brands have in common? Both constantly refresh their offerings to craft novel and thrilling experiences. Whether it’s a revamped 80’s jean jacket worn by trendy Gen-Zers or a family re-exploring an aquatics complex at their beloved destination, nostalgic elements are being revitalized into something unique and exciting. And, just as upcycled goods remain in high demand for savvy consumers, the hospitality industry is on a similar trajectory with nearly 2,000 retrofit projects planned in the U.S. alone, according to Hotel Investment Today. With many owners, investors, hoteliers and operators hoping to improve market share and foster guest loyalty, repositioning projects are key to enhancing the guest experience.

©EDSA | Insights | Now Trending, 2024 Edition | The Tech Tightrope
The Tech Tightrope

It’s no secret that data and technology are transforming how we navigate the world. According to Radix, the artificial intelligence market is expected to reach $3 billion by 2026. But despite the constant tech talk, society longs for human connection. In fact, Forbes notes that soft skills, like that of teamwork and emotional intelligence are in high demand for today’s employers. As such, the tech-platform role of the social media influencer is also evolving with audiences favoring genuinity over filters and overly polished videos generated by apps. Successfully navigating the business landscape, future facing organization are finding the best ways to harmonize a human-powered approach with digital augmentation.

©EDSA | Insights | Now Trending, 2024 Edition | Championing Actionable Change
Championing Actionable Change

With climate change comes highly probable weather-related hazards, but many are taking a stand to reverse the cycle. Organizations like the American Climate Corps are sending young adults across the U.S. to help with energy efficiency and wildfire risks. In addition, thousands of new builds across the nation are set to be SITES and LEED certified as many accessing capital are required to demonstrate how far along they are in the path to eco-friendly solutions. There is no better time for organizations to think holistically about sustainability and integrate the health of our environment into development efforts. Investments in responsible materials, stormwater management and the implementation of firewise landscapes ensures a healthier future for all.

©EDSA | Insights | Now Trending, 2024 Edition | Residential Rollercoaster
Residential Rollercoaster

Higher insurance rates continue to effect housing affordability and highly anticipated home-buyer hot spots are in flux. So, while the residential market remains unpredictable, certain housing types are still proving to be in high demand. Multi-family for instance, remains popular, as their commitment to flexibility and prioritization of community connection allows for socialization and convenience. In addition, single-family homes nestled within second and third tier cities continue to be sought after. These locales place residents within close proximity of hospitals, retail and entertainment offerings while reinforcing the ‘white picket-fence’ lifestyle. Though complex, properties that focus on the wants of the end-user will ensure investor, developer and community success.

©EDSA | Insights | Now Trending, 2024 Edition | Creative Collaboration
Creative Collaborations

Consider that Mattel and Warner Bros. worked alongside Airbnb to create hype about the Barbie Movie, while the Van Gogh Museum teamed up with Pokémon for a merch drop that created so much traffic it shut down their website. While cross-industry collabs are nothing new, they have helped elevate established brands. Specifically, within the design profession, a focus on data-driven reasoning has become the bonding agent between disciplines. Taking the idea of teamwork to the next level, consultants are enhancing their workflows and decreasing margins of error. Such processes that incorporate data capture, artificial intelligence, BIM technologies and shared platforms are set to be the future of design.

While 2024 is sure to be filled with new opportunities, technological enhancements and inevitable change, our team is prepared to guide you through what lies ahead. Leveraging our creative talents, we are committed to executing projects that not only maximize results for our clients but create lasting memories for users of landscapes worldwide. Here’s to another year of collaboration and discovery. Cheers!