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The designer’s emotion is expressed through the implied meaning of landscape creation. A story-like landscape can endure the viewer with emotional memory, spiritual perception, site experience, cultural context, understanding and feeling.

Lianying Wang PLA, LEED A+P


Lianying believes designers influence the dynamics between space and people by creating better places for everyday life. She is inspired by sites that are branded with tradition, heritage and culture which she considers fundamental to the integrity and authenticity of project design. She effortlessly combines hand graphics with digital platforms so that form can take shape on paper and then utilizes computer-based illustrations for dimension. With a sensibility that integrates clarity and grace, Lianying’s passionate stewardship of the environment has manifested itself in a number beautiful landscapes that allow context to further heighten a site’s attributes and performance.

  • Education: Master of Landscape Architecture, University of Minnesota; Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Shanghai Jiaotong University
  • Associations: American Society of Landscape Architects; Urban Land Institute
  • Location: Baltimore