As we begin the new year, markets are confident although assumptions have been questioned and narratives overturned. And with Gen-Z now accounting for over 30 percent of the global population and Millennials surpassing Baby Boomers in the workforce, many are referring to 2023 as the ‘Era of Light’ – a year that is said to be filled with ‘light speed’ change in ideals, philosophies and daily practices. Piloting the fast-paced events of what’s to come, we’re sharing the top trends that are leading us into the future.

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Conscious Consumption

According to Recycling Lives, 81 percent of people prefer to invest their time and money into eco-conscious brands and services. Retailers like H&M and IKEA are capitalizing on sustainable textiles and recycling efforts, while ‘Nose-to-Tail’ dining is gaining popularity for its untraditional use of livestock in cuisine. Practicing ethical consumption – from the places we visit to the music we listen to – will remain on the forefront of the consumer journey. Designers and developers must challenge themselves to be more conscious about the materials they select, ecological processes they put into place and the amenities they offer. At the end of the day, brands must be mindful to remain environmentally aware and planet centric.

©EDSA | Insights | Data Indulgence vs Digital Detox
Digital Indulgence vs. Data Detox

Buzz about the Metaverse continues as advertisements become more targeted to our thoughts and buying habits. There is no doubt that data is smarter than ever and is being embraced by almost every industry. As such, national parks have developed apps for visitors to explore trails and sites, while virtual reality theme parks are said to be the future of entertainment. But with over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day, and screen times up 30 percent since 2019, information overload is leading people to prioritize digital detoxing. Staying ahead of the curve in limiting tech exposure, businesses must be smart about data integration, incorporating it in ways that don’t overpower the user experience, but instead subtly enhance it.

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Advertised, Affordable Adventures

What if the destinations featured on television could be experienced firsthand? That’s what 39 percent of respondents from Expedia’s Travel Report said inspired them to book a trip to a new destination. European vacations have been influenced by 19th century rom-coms, while holidays in the remote Caribbean are tied to the latest reality-TV drama. And, while travelers are moved to live out their fantasies someplace new, their experiences differ from the luxurious accommodations shown on the screen. According to, 35 percent of travelers are opting for one-to-three-star hotels to reduce spending and are reallocating funds for multiple spontaneous excursions. And, though they’re cutting costs, they refuse to cut corners. These travelers are still prioritizing adventure, wellness and localized cultural experiences.

©EDSA | Insights | A Nod to Nostalgia
A Nod to Nostalgia

Low-rise jeans, remixed tunes and bold, bright colors – trends of the 90’s are back and they’re speaking loudly to the Millennial and Gen-Z generations. Inspired by the decade of rebel culture, vivid patterns and signature grunge aesthetic, today’s young adults are reconnecting with their childhood through fashion, music, tech and more. Opting for wired headphones over the latest AirPods, while #y2kfashion continues to trend on TikTok with 337.9 million views, there is no question that this retro resurgence will continue to influence personal style and infiltrate itself across the design spectrum. In response to this growing phenomenon, we expect to see bolder design choices in colors and shapes, statement décor and places for ‘instagramable moments’ that pay homage to the past in new and exciting ways.

©EDSA | Insights | Better Together
Better Together

According to Roanoke Times, pet owners are hoping to spend more time with their furry friends in 2023, while RvandPlaya expects 70 percent of US families to travel together. But what do these two distinct statistics have in common? They reflect society’s desire for togetherness and our appreciation for time with loved ones. In fact, people are reportedly 12 times happier when with family, friends or pets. So, whether developing a new resort or paving the way for a public park, people are drawn to the spaces and places equipped to welcome groups. This means there is a must for wide open spaces that can transform into smaller gathering nodes and allow for meaningful connections.

There is no question that this year will be filled with new opportunities and notable shifts in the way society sees and navigates the world. At EDSA, we’re here to help. Utilizing a passion for our craft, industry expertise and design innovation, we’re looking forward to successfully collaborating with our clients and partners in 2023.