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Handling projects that are of various scopes and scales requires both an understanding of monetary performance and a unique, intuitive look at the numbers to enhance productivity and increase the bottom line.

Hannah Thomson

Controller & Vice President

Taking a creative approach to the accounting process, Hannah works collaboratively with design teams and corporate departments to develop dynamic systems and solutions that ensure timely billing and cash flow. Her ability to maintain the quality and integrity of the data results in accurate financial forecasting, assisting key executives with decision making while setting the firm up for long-term success. As a Vice President and Controller, Hannah oversees the day-to-day functions of accounting and remains responsible for cost control, compliance matters and providing strategic advice to management. Her firm-wide reporting and process-based thinking ensures the company continues to hit revenue goals while enhancing the financial well-being of EDSA.

  • Education: Bachelor of Accounting, University of Florida
  • Location: Fort Lauderdale