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Treating a site as a living, breathing organism, fully understanding its features, both physical and intangible, is essential in creating a project that respects and celebrates the uniqueness of the place.

Ivan Donoso PLA

Vice President

Passionate for the outdoors, agriculture and drawing, Ivan naturally gravitated to a career in landscape architecture. His artistic style and sustainable planning values are a blend of rustic design aesthetics and global acumen. Throughout his built works, he gracefully incorporates local materials and design textures that best reflect a cultural color palette that exude sensitivity and respect people and purpose in a very visual manner. Strengthening the firm’s foothold and body of work in Latin America, Ivan continues to play an integral role in the visioning, design, project management and implementation of numerous hospitality, community and mixed-use projects.

  • Education: Master of Landscape Architecture, Louisiana State University; Bachelor of Science in Horticulture, Plants and Soil Systems, Louisiana State University; Bachelor of Agriculture Engineering, EAP El Zamorano
  • Associations: American Society of Landscape Architects
  • Location: Fort Lauderdale