EDSA | Team | Director of technical implementation | Tiffany May

At the intersection of form and function is where we find the true definition of a technically-sound, impactful design.

Tiffany May PLA

Director of Technical Implementation and Design Delivery

A practical, yet unconventional designer, Tiffany utilizes her 20+ years of multi-disciplinary expertise to cultivate spaces rooted in fun and functionality. Working closely with her teammates, she raises awareness for exacting design standards and assures each project positively contributes to human behavior and its existing environment. She believes that sound design is good design, where purposeful materiality and form add intentional meaning to a project. Tiffany addresses potential issues head on, applying her deep technical understanding of construction implementation to minimize threats and offers smart solutions for highly resolved built outcomes. A well-rounded leader and collaborator, she serves as a firm resource for the review of construction drawings and design specifications to ensure unified quality control as it relates to functional aesthetics.

  • Education: Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Clemson University
  • Associations: American Society of Landscape Architects
  • Location: Fort Lauderdale