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If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that the world is in an endless state of evolution. How we live, work, and play is consistently being altered by technology, our surrounding health climate, and new generations with plans to change the world. While we are never 100 percent certain about what’s to come, we’re excited to share the trends worth watching in the year ahead.

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Authentic Action.

How brands behave matters more than ever. In a recently published IBM survey, 40 percent of consumers prioritized purpose-driven companies in their decisions to purchase. In response, platforms that monitor corporate behavior are popping up, while organizations are putting their values front and center. Corporate Social Responsibility (or CSR for short) is no longer just a buzzworthy phrase; it’s a vital component of corporate governance, advertising, marketing, and public relations. With ethical motivations going mainstream, it’s time for companies to stand for something other than up-ticking revenues. Showcasing the value in ‘giving back’, corporations like Google, Apple, and Amazon have donated millions of dollars and volunteer hours to non-profit organizations while in tandem establishing brand loyalty. Regardless of size, industry or target audience, businesses must invest, act, and truly be passionate about the charitable initiatives they are pushing forward.

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Children’s Choice.

After more than a year of remote learning and masked playdates, kids are ready to reclaim their childhood – and parents are in full support. According to Vrbo, 50 percent of families are more likely to allow their children to decide where they vacation compared to pre-pandemic times. Themed attractions, water amenities, and outdoor trails for exploration are all sure to spark the interest of today’s adolescence. As hotel operators and developers continue to plan for new hotels and resorts while renovating existing properties, incorporating family-friendly elements that cater to and enhance children’s experiences are essential for destinations to thrive.

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The Psychological Switch.

Gone are the days of being glued to our televisions and the “first one in, last one out” workday. These familiar everyday habits, along with many others, almost seem out of touch as we readjust to the transitions of recent times. We have reprogrammed our minds to now prioritize opportunities and activities that offer flexibility, exposure to the outdoors, and a chance to work on our physical and mental wellbeing. Some call it the rise of ‘calmtainment’ – encouraging mindfulness, selfcare, and evolving expectations of what it means to have fulfilling lives. Adjusting to our altered lifestyles, the spaces we create have no choice but to follow suit, with biophilic design practices, community wellness components, and privacy nodes taking the lead in points for future development.

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Apart, But Together.

We are closer to one another than ever before, at least in the virtual sense, with digital connection tools like Microsoft Teams surpassing 2.7 billion meeting minutes by the end of 2021. With no plans to reverse or slow that trend, our needs and wants for collaboration have gone beyond the walls of the office, challenging the tech design and development industries. Cross collaboration between engineers, planners, interior designers, and even competitors, is on the rise, as companies are more willing to give up their maximum revenue potential to benefit the greater good. As we continue to pursue projects, establishing a well-rounded, diverse team of experts is the key to thriving in today’s changing economy.

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Environmental Crossroads.

With traditional buildings consuming 37 percent of the world’s CO2 emissions, the decarbonization of these structures is vital to global wellbeing. Strategically, we must tread lightly on the land and implement climate positive design solutions to protect and ensure healthy lives for future generations. By evaluating the impact of design choices, material selections, and maintenance practices, we can address the influence and impact sustainable practices can have on the overall performance of development and revitalization projects. This will allow for greater information accessibility and measurable outcomes that can serve as a basis for education and environmental accountability.

As we move swiftly into the full swing of 2022, we must be nimbler than ever to keep up with the changing times. As experts in the planning and design space, we feel confident and inspired to lead the charge through another exciting year.