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Influenced by a long-term vision for the expansive beachfront, the new tourism model balances nature, culture and economics. Comprised of untouched beaches, sand dunes and lagoons, this pristine paradise marries numerous ecosystems with luxury resort and residential zones.

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An authentic and sustainable development, historic farm-like ‘fazenda’ homes draw visitors to the outdoors and forge connectivity between active and leisure settings.

As urban planners and landscape architects, EDSA’s environmentally and socially responsible master plan served as an agent of change in shifting the paradigm towards a regenerative landscape ideology and collective consciousness for a beautiful, resilient and eco-literate future.

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Master Plan

With respect to the rich terrain, two-thirds of the site is preserved as green space while a commitment to renewable energy relies on properly sited circulation plans, elimination of vehicular transportation and open access to bike trails and equestrian paths.

Project Details

    • Location Bahia, Brazil
    • Client Prima Embreendimientos Innovadores, S.A.
    • Scope Master Planning
    • Scale 6,000 Hectares