©EDSA | Jubail Island | Pool Area


©EDSA | Jubail Island | Park and Fountain


The Jubail Island development preserves and harmonizes regional context within built elements to encourage a waterfront community where compelling experiences with nature and wellness are offered through high-quality parks, open spaces, scenic drives and recreational resources. Working with, enhancing and celebrating physical boundaries, ecological and view corridors, linkages with natural system assets, public access and cultural heritage, the sustainable village framework places low rise, low impact residences among hotel, retail and office park areas.

©EDSA | Jubail Island | Park and Restaurant

Additional amenities include a locally inspired souk, mosque, community center, clinic, nursery and supermarket.

EDSA’s design of the public realm established the first step towards protecting and conserving critical natural systems and resources with a series of high quality, human-scaled and visually interesting places. This includes multi-functional, flexible and climate responsive design solutions using locally-sourced materials.

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Master Plan

Linked to landforms, climate and the natural processes of the site, the landscape and its open space, form an environmental setting for the city and create a more comfortable micro-climate and a refuge from the urban context.

Project Details

    • Location Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
    • Client LEAD Development | DLR Group
    • Scope Town Center: Concept Design through Tender
      Public Realm: Concept through Schematic Design
    • Scale 4,000 Hectares