©EDSA | FishHawk Ranch | Outdoor seated fire pit area


©EDSA | FishHawk Ranch | Amenity Center


This master plan combines the best principles of new urbanism with the property’s topography, vegetation, and Lake Hutto itself for a cohesive community tapestry. An interconnected pattern of streets, avenues, and lanes form a framework of neighborhood blocks that are intermingled with parks, lakes, and naturalized open spaces reinforcing human interaction and pedestrian scale.

©EDSA | FishHawk Ranch | Exterior view of the building

Lakes for storm water mediation provide aesthetic value and help organize residential villages, amenities, and mixed-use offerings. A grouping of lifestyle products are connected by natural corridors, green space, and civic nodes. The community offers 1,800 single-family homes and apartments, an energized town center with retail and dining, as well as 30 miles of nature trails.

Fostering a strong social fabric and walkable community, EDSA’s master plan emphasizes connectivity, community, and conservation.

  • ©EDSA | FishHawk Ranch | Outdoor seated fire pit area
  • ©EDSA | FishHawk Ranch | Cycle paths around the ranch
  • ©EDSA | FishHawk Ranch | Master Plan

Project Details

    • Location Tampa, Florida
    • Client Newland Communities
    • Scope Master Planning Services
    • Scale 795 Acres