©EDSA | District at the Gardens | Lake View


©EDSA | District at the Gardens | Exterior at Night


The re-envisioned redevelopment of the downtown center into an entertainment destination includes the addition of retail shops and lifestyle services along the waterfront promenade, a boutique hotel, Class A office space and residential tower. Inspiring health, happiness and well-being, transformative eat, live and play areas are reimagined with lush landscaping, lake views and expansive outdoor spaces for family entertainment and events.

©EDSA | District at the Gardens | Water Feature

Evoking a ‘getaway’ ambiance, new outdoor furnishings, decorative panels, spectacular lighting, tropical landscaping and botanical sculptures offer a breath of fresh air to the outdoor location.

Through a design vernacular that enhances public amenities and improves aesthetics, EDSA’s efforts demonstrate how urban spaces can be elevated, both visually and functionally, through the appropriate and imaginative integration of programming, planning and a mixed of uses.

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Site Plan

While designing the destination’s core, special attention was given to harmonizing pedestrian and vehicular usage by implementing traffic calming design techniques and incorporating pedestrian friendly components. The selection of materials and native elements not only provide sophisticated visual continuity but ensure an adaptive urban ecology and evolving sense of identity for the District.

Project Details

    • Location Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
    • Client Create Architecture | ShopCore Properties
    • Scope Site Planning
      Detailed Design
      Construction Administration
    • Scale 49 Acres