©EDSA | Brightline | Miami Station Entrance


©EDSA | Brightline | Miami Station


This billion-dollar passenger rail service, between Miami and Orlando, is intended to transform intercity travel. Focused on improving efficiencies and offering a sustainable, cost-effective means for travel, the project entails a connected network of spaces and streetscapes that interweave transit facilities with private development.

©EDSA | Brightline | Aerial View

Transforming the public realm experience, dynamic, multi-use environments integrate with communities along the corridor. Promoting connectivity and pedestrian accessibility at the Miami Central Station, EDSA’s design reinforces a sense of place with active and passive uses, civic features, public art, and a mix of development types.

Spanning five city blocks, EDSA addressed the public realm, open spaces, parking overflow, and circulation associated with the Miami station as well as collaborating on a design vision and overall framework for the delivery and maintenance of the transportation corridor. In addition, the team provided preliminary design for an amenity deck associated with residential towers above the Miami Central Station.

  • ©EDSA | Brightline | Entrance Exterior
  • ©EDSA | Brightline | Exterior
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Project Details

    • Location Miami, Florida
    • Client Brightline | All Aboard Florida
    • Scope Conceptual Design
      Design Development
      Construction Administration
    • Scale 11 Acres