©EDSA | Shanwei Waterfront | Waterfront Aerial View with Buildings, Cruise Ship and Road


©EDSA | Shanwei Waterfront | Nighttime Waterfront Aerial View with Lighthouse


The re-envisioned industrial waterfront serves as a catalyst for economic growth and connectivity within the urban core. The once rigid shoreline is being reshaped into five distinct districts which transition from high-energy zones to calming natural parks for a welcoming destination. Aligned with China’s refreshed approach to development, phased improvements ensure a balance of public expenditures with public-private redevelopment for long-term environmental and financial sustainability.

©EDSA | Shanwei Waterfront | Pathway and Tram with Purple and Red Trees

 Design of the mixed-use city supports an array of authentic experiences along piers, docks and an active promenade while a new cruise port provides tourism access. Dotted throughout the site, educational installations immerse visitors in the rich history and character of the area while all districts support an environmentally-friendly, people-oriented waterfront city.

Having completed an in-depth analysis, EDSA crafted a master plan framework that spans the five districts and surrounding 700-hectares with consideration for street layouts, public space delineation, park design, environmental amenities and multi-modal transportation. The final land use plan serves as a blueprint for ongoing development that nurtures healthy living by promoting smart growth design through ecological and sustainable infrastructural systems.

  • ©EDSA | Shanwei Waterfront | Road with Cars Lined with Trees and Palm Trees
  • ©EDSA | Shanwei Waterfront | Beachfront with Buildings, Pools and Bridge
  • ©EDSA | Shanwei Waterfront | Beachfront with Road, Buildings, Boats and Kites
  • ©EDSA | Shanwei Waterfront | People Taking Photos of Beachfront Gardens

Project Details

    • Location Guangdong Province, China
    • Client Shanwei Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau
    • Scope Master Planning
      Schematic Services
    • Scale 700 Hectares