©EDSA | Delray Beach Revitalization | Crossing


©EDSA | Delray Beach Revitalization | View of Beach and Dunes


With the growth and popularity of its beach, revitalization to the area sidewalks, beach access, and usability was top priority for the $3 million project. Drawing from natural colors, the expanded 12-foot sidewalks are designed to mimic the natural transition from dry to wet sand, along with the visual element of shells on the ocean floor. The design concept amplifies the city’s most popular recreational corridor, using natural aesthetics and design.

©EDSA | Delray Beach Revitalization | Walkways

Benches surrounding new shower stations, making the areas approachable and manageable for the public. Greater usability enhancements also include bike-sharing racks, water fountains with refillable water bottle stations, and surfboard/ paddleboard shelves. Further blending the urban fabric with the natural landscape, the dunes were arranged slightly inland, reinforcing the beach’s world-renowned environmental system.

EDSA provided conceptual design through construction period services for the public realm and open spaces, as well as addressing vehicular and pedestrian circulation associated with the promenade.

  • ©EDSA | Delray Beach Revitalization | Boardwalk to Beach
  • ©EDSA | Delray Beach Revitalization | Aerial View of Road
  • ©EDSA | Delray Beach Revitalization | Wave Pavement
  • ©EDSA | Delray Beach Revitalization | Walkways and Palm Tree at Dusk

Project Details

    • Location Delray Beach, Florida
    • Client City of Delray Beach
    • Scope Conceptual Design
      Construction Administration
    • Scale 1.5 Miles