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©EDSA | Cairo Central Park | Park and Walkway


An ambitious public space, “The Green River,” will become the largest central urban park in the world. The master plan establishes a network of walkable park spaces leaving selected areas as sculpted hinterland.

©EDSA | Cairo Central Park | Gardens

The first phase includes the western portion of the park with recreational, botanical, and zoological gardens, as well as a wild bird park, science and technology park, Presidential Palace Gardens, and cultural park.

In addition to an onsite design workshop and site reconnaissance, EDSA developed a conceptual site plan illustrating development options related to land use, vehicular, service and pedestrian circulation, recreational and other amenities, preservation of significant site features, overall landscape massing and open space systems.

©EDSA | Cairo Central Park | Fountain and Gardens
©EDSA | Cairo Central Park | Plan


Seven interconnected strands flow through the space, bending and reacting to the forces of the adjacent land uses, forming a linear structure of smaller, walkable sub-parks.

Project Details

    • Location Cairo, Egypt
    • Client OKOPlan Consulting Engineers
    • Scope Conceptual Master Planning
    • Scale 2,100 Hectares