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Set against an emerging metropolitan backdrop, the Food, Arts and Technology (FAT) Village caters to originality with a focus on experiential design and social entertainment. Interlocking office buildings, residential towers and boutique hotels breathe life into the local community while cuisines from incubator restaurants infuse the district with international aromas and paving patterns.

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Textured walls and murals complement the lighting and curated aesthetic for a 7-day, 18-hour energy of place. Globally inspired by organically-grown, gritty urban districts and the existing spirited art scene, the refined, walkable neighborhood brings a revitalizing, eclectic vibe to downtown.

As team leader, EDSA was responsible for master planning and entitlements for the pedestrian district.

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Site Plan

Allotting space for continuous growth and expansion, the site’s phased development strategy lays a promising foundation for a successful, healthy and connected urbanization in the Fort Lauderdale cityscape.

Project Details

    • Location Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    • Client FAT Village Properties, LLC
    • Scope Master Planning
    • Scale 6 Acres