©EDSA | Mysterious Rainforest Kingdom | Internal View


©EDSA | Mysterious Rainforest Kingdom | Aerial Plan


The ecological branded theme park relies on discovery, mystery and interactive participation by visitors. Based on the major rain forests of the world (Amazon, Congo, Hainan, Panda, Australia and Southeast Asia), a series of outdoor adventures, retail village and water park establish a truly immersive sense of place.

©EDSA | Mysterious Rainforest Kingdom | River Canoe

Rides and trails allow guests to explore the various environments via safari trucks or authentic river canoes. Live animal forest paddocks were incorporated into the design so that guests could view pandas in their natural habitat.

As part of the design process, EDSA developed storylines for each zone based on its respective history, flora and fauna which guided the design of the interactive elements within.

  • ©EDSA | Mysterious Rainforest Kingdom | Land Rover Safari
  • ©EDSA | Mysterious Rainforest Kingdom | Feature Tree
  • ©EDSA | Mysterious Rainforest Kingdom | Pandas
  • ©EDSA | Mysterious Rainforest Kingdom | Water Feature
©EDSA | Mysterious Rainforest Kingdom | Waterfall

One of the more spectacular elements was the creation of an iconic waterfall castle providing venues for live performances in a number of open-air theaters as well as gondola access to the nearby mountaintop where the team created a one-of-a kind Phoenix inspired tower.

Project Details

    • Location Sanya, China
    • Client Jialong Tourism Development Co. Ltd.
    • Scope Conceptual Master Planning & Theming
    • Scale 300 Hectares