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Reflective of Huichol culture and the region’s monarch butterfly, the environmentally sensitive destination conveys the story of metamorphosis through intricate landscapes, circulation patterns and a mix of active and passive spaces that guide guests on a path of holistic transformation.

Fifteen luxury tents are lightly nestled among the forests and provide views of the Pacific Ocean. In addition, guided tours with local craftspeople, sunrise hikes and beachside meditation sessions offer opportunities for reflection and socialization while personalized temazcal ceremonies, shamanic sound healings and programs of self-discovery evoke spirituality for wellness-seekers looking to become one with nature.

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The hotelier consulted with EDSA to define a unique take on a nature-based guest experience, while planning and design efforts – from the initial arrival and room placement to gardens and walking paths – serve as an opportunity to engage the senses and introduce guests to something bigger than themselves.

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Project Details

    • Location Punta Mita, Mexico
    • Client Cascade Investment Group
    • Scope Master Planning
      Design Development
      Construction Documents
      Construction Administration
    • Scale 40 Hectares