©EDSA | Norton Museum of Art | Paintbrush Sculpture and People


©EDSA | Norton Museum of Art | Path, Palm Trees and Orange Sculpture


Transforming the community’s cultural landscape, the redesigned and expanded art museum brings art outdoors.

©EDSA | Norton Museum of Art | Tree, Fountain and Building

The $100 million expansion is built around the museum’s existing core and mammoth Ficus tree that serves as a functional part of the architecture. Not only does the updated campus provide for 35 percent more gallery space, the complimenting 9,000 square feet of landscape bring art to the outdoors with signature trees, tropical gardens, a sculpture collection, great lawn and reflection pool.

EDSA provided conceptual design through construction administration in collaboration with Foster and Partners and GGN.

  • ©EDSA | Norton Museum of Art | Green Sculpture and Path
  • ©EDSA | Norton Museum of Art | Gardens
  • ©EDSA | Norton Museum of Art | Family
  • ©EDSA | Norton Museum of Art | White Building and Tree
  • ©EDSA | Norton Museum of Art | Path and Trees

Project Details

    • Location West Palm Beach, Florida
    • Client Norton Museum of Art
    • Scope Detailed Design
      Construction Administration
    • Scale 6.3 Acres