©EDSA | Red Sea Village | Beautiful view of the busy village


©EDSA | Red Sea Village | Aerial view of the development


The seaside site has a preliminary development program that includes a marina village, arts and cultural center, resort island, luxury residential offerings and an urban park district. The creation of a cohesive, connected and comfortable public realm experience is provided by an open space network and social points of interest that not only enhance housing alternatives and amenities, but unify the community with a sense of identity and place.

©EDSA | Red Sea Village | Aerial view of the development

From roadways, bicycle routes and pedestrian paths to waterfront promenades, parks and plazas, the public realm transitions among the various districts with subtle commonalities. These intuitive connections are realized through a comprehensive palette of plant materials, hardscape, structures, lighting and scale of spaces.

EDSA provided a conceptual landscape framework, strategy and design guidelines that address the open space hierarchy, street edges and corridors, pedestrian network, waterfront treatment, gateways and landmarks, recreational spaces and special features.

©EDSA | Red Sea Village | Dramatic view of the development

Project Details

    • Location Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
    • Client Al Shara Al Arabia Real Estate Development
    • Scope Master Planning
    • Scale 315 Hectares