©EDSA | Opera House Downtown Dubai | Fountains at Night


©EDSA | Opera House Downtown Dubai | Opera House and Green Space


Design of the Dubai Opera District draws its inspiration from the movement of sound waveforms. The contemporary feel of the plaza, opera house, and connected park island incorporates multi-level paving and planting textures, dynamic water features, and a layered overhead pedestrian shade structure that creates a visual identity from the boulevard.

©EDSA | Opera House Downtown Dubai | Opera House Construction

Sentineled by the Burj Kalifa, the site includes downtown Dubai’s largest green space, which has been designed to showcase outdoor performances. The inviting and engaging space exemplifies the nation’s burgeoning identity as a hub of culture and entertainment with the Opera House as its focal point.

EDSA provided urban planning and design services for the surrounding public domain including a functional analysis of corridors and thoroughfares, an evaluation of design narratives, as well as a response to the character and urban context of the site with a dynamic network of spaces and detailing.

  • ©EDSA | Opera House Downtown Dubai | Opera House at Night
  • ©EDSA | Opera House Downtown Dubai | Opera House
  • ©EDSA | Opera House Downtown Dubai | Green Space
  • ©EDSA | Opera House Downtown Dubai | Wall Detailing
  • ©EDSA | Opera House Downtown Dubai | Street View

Project Details

    • Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    • Client Emaar International & Commercial Realty | Mirage Leisure & Development, Inc.
    • Scope Scope: Schematic Design
      Detailed Design
      Construction Documents
    • Scale 5.3 Hectares