©EDSA | Saltleaf on Estero Bay | Pool with Sunbeds and Hut Islands


Uniting luxurious living with nature, the exclusive residences have a contemporary elegance inspired by the surrounding aquatic preserve and mangrove habitat. Adding coastal character, the outdoor oasis features tiered levels of design for lanai gardens and trellis overlooks that brings a sense of transparency and unobstructed front and rear views to every residence. Three swimming pools are supported by floating pavilion follies on a lagoon water feature for day through night usage.

©EDSA | Saltleaf on Estero Bay | View of One Large Building

Decorating the landscape is a cohesive palette that plays on non-traditional, asymmetrical patterns to create a design vernacular that is uniquely native to the site. Completing the lifestyle amenities are neighborhood trails, outdoor kitchens, a marina and an Audubon certified golf course along with a wellness center, dedicated kid/teen lounge spaces and a business center.

Working in concert with the architect and interiors groups, EDSA developed a seamless design vernacular with careful consideration for the surrounding topography. The resulting residential enclave harmoniously integrates colors, textures and forms for a unified design experience. With more than 80% of the site preserved, efforts addressed all program elements, circulation, accessibility and a design framework for all districts and future development.

©EDSA | Saltleaf on Estero Bay | Entryway

Project Details

    • Location Naples, Florida
    • Client London Bay Homes
    • Scope Master Planning
      Detailed Design
    • Scale 85 Acres