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Focusing on education, health and well-being, inclusivity, and environmental protection, Serena del Mar constitutes an international urban planning benchmark. Nestled just outside Cartagena, within a UNESCO World Heritage site, the dream city encompasses five distinct villages that coexist with the site’s natural character and architectural history.

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In support of restorative programs and tourism growth, the master plan includes recreational areas for the more than 17,000 housing units, business districts, urban malls, schools, hospital, and residential communities. Relying on the existing terrain and ecosystems as a natural amenity, EDSA’s plan preserves more than 70 percent of site’s navigable channels, lagoons, coral reefs, mangroves, beaches, high ridge lines, tropical forests, and open plains.

Accounting for a great deal of the city’s urban expansion, EDSA was responsible for providing master planning services and schematic design for the oceanfront and marina village, hotel parcel, and business center. The team completed detailed design for phase one roadways, island residential, a community park, and the central hospital.

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Project Details

    • Location Cartagena, Colombia
    • Client Desarrollos Serena del Mar
    • Scope Master Planning
      Detailed Design
    • Scale 1,000 Hectares